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My Favorite Resources for Learning Drupal

Updated: March, 2015

Recently on Twitter, one of my followers asked me for some resources and links for learning Drupal. I thought that would make an excellent blog post. When I first started learning Drupal, I watched screencasts and read all the relevant books I could get my hands on. I found screencast tutorials especially helpful as I was actually watching someone else configure and use Drupal on the admin side. There are many resources out on the web including dedicated websites, books, and even feeds on iTunes.

At the bottom of this post, you will find a full list with links, but here are some some of my favorites. It also goes without saying that is a huge way of learning whether it be issue queues, forums, groups and more. I highly recommend that if you are new to drupal, create an account there and get involved. Many of my blog posts on this site have been inspired by forum posts on 

I have also found installing Drupal "distros" and Install Profiles a great way to learn. These are pre-configured installations of drupal that help get you up and running much faster. Some of my favorites include Acquia, Open Atrium (Phase2 Technology) and Open Enterpise. (LevelTen).

Listed below are detailed Drupal learning resources and links. Mind you, at this point in time, you are bound to run into relevant information for both Drupal 6 & 7 so you will need to decide which ones are good for you accordingly. 

Do you know of ones I have not listed here or have some favorites? Let me know and I will add to the list! (You can tweet me below.)



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