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Implementing HTML5 Image Captions with Drupal 7

(09 Jul 2013)
I've been pretty busy these days with a few different projects and a number of them required a user friendly way (editors not needing to know how to code) of implementing captions for images within content areas.

Designing a Responsive Lightbox Photo Grid Gallery for Drupal 7

(04 Jul 2013)
Lately, I've been designing and developing photo galleries for both clients and myself. I thought it would be nice to share some methods and practices that I've learned. This tutorial will focus on creating node photo grid galleries that can either be stand alone or attached to other content types.

Theming a Multi-level Responsive Menu in Drupal 7

(03 Jun 2013)
In my last post, I discussed my new photography site I'm building and theming with Drupal. The site is responsive and I've been searching for an ideal responsive touch friendly multi-level menu. I looked at and tried several jQuery plugins, CSS3 styles and a few Drupal Modules but nothing was quite right.

JQuery Theming Tips for Drupal 7

(18 Jul 2012)
I often see posts on the forums and elsewhere in regard to implementing jQuery scripts and code into Drupal. It seems common that users try to attach JQuery right within page.tpl.php or html.tpl.php. In other words, it's hard-coding a script into a page and it's not ideal. Some try to render it using the PHP filter within a block or node.