Creating an AJAX Node Field Pager with an Embedded Contextual View

I get great ideas from users of both my Drupal contrib themes, Bamboo and Gratis. Typically a user will write to me and ask, "how do I do x" with your theme?

Features + Drush = Drupal Goodness

It's hard to believe I've been using both Features and Drush for a few years but didn't know you can create, update and manage your features all with Drush.

Implementing HTML5 Image Captions with Drupal 7

I've been pretty busy these days with a few different projects and a number of them required a user friendly way (editors not needing to know how to code) of implementing captions for images within content areas.

Designing a Responsive Lightbox Photo Grid Gallery for Drupal 7

Lately, I've been designing and developing photo galleries for both clients and myself. I thought it would be nice to share some methods and practices that I've learned. This tutorial will focus on creating node photo grid galleries that can either be stand alone or attached to other content types.