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Drupal Architecture: Leveraging Entity Reference & Views For Related Content

(12 Nov 2013)
A typical use case for Entity Reference and one that I'll use as an example is if you have news stories on your site and you want your editors to be able to pick a specific related blog post and show it on a news story node.

Custom Taxonomy Pages with Drupal Views Using Selective Overrides

(15 Jun 2013)
Drupal 7 has an option to turn on a default View for Taxonomy term pages via the contrib module, Views. This is generally pretty good but if you want highly designed pages with additional custom fields than what the default view renders, you could simply update and customize this view but there's a few drawbacks.

Using Views Contextual Filters to Create a Related Content Block With Drupal 7

(20 Jul 2012)
I recently built my new photo portfolio site High Rock Photo and on single image gallery pages (a Content Type I created), I wanted to show "related" images that were in the same category, images that were tagged with the same taxonomy term.